Volunteers Wanted for CEWG

SSIWPA’s conservation and efficiency working group (CEWG) is seeking additional members.

The purpose of CEWG is to investigate and assess technologies, methods, best practices and/or policies to achieve the following, specifically on Salt Spring Island:

  1. Reduction in potable water use in all economic/residential sectors of the SSI economy;
  2. Feasible uses of alternative water sources, which may include rainwater catchment, grey water recycling, wastewater re-use, desalination, other;
  3. Increased efficiency of water use in areas such as agriculture, gardening, markets, food service, other;
  4. Feasible incentives for water use efficiency;
    Identify barriers and challenges to implementation related to the regulatory
  5. environment (i.e. building code, health authority approvals, etc.); suggest possible solutions.

If you would like to explore how you might help, call or email our coordinator or chair, or complete the enquiry form below.