St. Mary Lake Watershed Management Plan

The St Mary Lake Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) was prepared to provide the Salt Spring Island community with a technically-audited series of appropriate actions to improve watershed health and raw water quality in St Mary Lake (SML).

The Plan is a result of years of involvement and participation of residents, stakeholders, and community organizations, as well as the several agencies that constitute SSIWPA, each of whom has a legislative and regulatory role in protecting the watershed and ensuring the health of the water body. Since 2012, SSIWPA has worked with all stakeholders, reviewed existing research, conducted new research, and has been informed by the limitations of the 2009 St Mary Lake Management Plan. The resulting IWMP reflects the management action decisions at this time, given the information available and taking into account data gaps.

Throughout the planning process SSIWPA has respected the views of the Technical Working Group (TWG) assembled to provide consensual scientific integrity to both the data gathering process and to how that data is interpreted. For the most part the TWG attained consensus.

The full management plan can be downloaded here.