Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook

Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook, by the BC Groundwater Association, is now available for download at:


The handbook is intended to be used as a reference tool for well owners and industry practitioners to:

  1. Understand their responsibilities in relation to wells as set out by the Groundwater Protection Regulation under the Water Sustainability Act;
  2. Access specific information in relation to well siting, construction, testing, operation, maintenance, deactivation, decommissioning, and reporting using simple language and clear illustrations; and,
  3. Gain awareness of industry best practices, additional information sources, and other legislation that relates to the well drilling industry in BC.


It is free to download at the above URL.

It is $75 for a printed version, including shipping and taxes.

Note that this is Version 1 of a working copy, and likely going to need some edits here and there. Please send any suggested edits to me at and I will work with BCGWA to get them incorporated into the next version.