Ganges Sewer Water Re-Use Potential: May 2017 CRD Staff Report

In the SSIWPA May 19th Steering Committee meeting, CRD Director McIntyre announced this CRD Staff Report concerning a recent review of the potential for re-use of treated Ganges sewer effluent that was presented to the CRD Environmental Services Committee on May 17, 2017.

The report concludes that “indirect potable reuse” into St. Mary Lake of the Ganges Treated Wastewater effluent is not currently suitable, given the environmental and economic parameters that were considered by the staff members who created this report. Please read this 3-page report for full details and authors of the report.

[ On the linked page,  you must click for immediate download: “Staff Report: Reuse of Ganges Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent” and the related three appendices as separate downloads.]

Note: The SSIWPA Conservation and Efficiency Working Group will be reviewing this report during the latter half of 2017, as well as several other international examples of indirect to potable wastewater reuse, as part of the workplan tasks for the SSIWPA Integrated Water Program.