SSIWPA was formed in 2013 in order to provide coordinated management between the several agencies who have a responsibility for legislation and regulation of various aspects of Salt Spring Island’s watersheds and fresh water resources.

SSIWPA steering committee member agencies are:

  • Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee
  • Capital Regional District
  • Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • North Salt Spring Waterworks District
  • Highland and Fernwood Water Service Commission
  • Beddis Water Service Commission


Annual Reports are available here:




SSIWPA has two advisory groups, the Technical Working Group (TWG) and the Conservation and Efficiency Working Group (CEWG).

The purpose of the TWG is to provide balanced and science-based, technical advice to the SSIWPA, and through it, to its member agencies. The advice of the TWG is to be impartial and objective, drawing on collective expertise to identify watershed issues, to review current research and monitoring results, and to recommend feasible solutions that reflect the best available science, and innovative technologies.

The purpose of the CEWG is to investigate and assess technologies, methods, best practices and/or policies to achieve the following, specifically on Salt Spring Island:

  1. Reduction in potable water use in all economic/residential sectors of the SSI economy;
  2. Feasible uses of alternative water sources, which may include rainwater catchment, grey water recycling, wastewater re-use, desalination, other;
  3. Increased efficiency of water use in areas such as agriculture, gardening, markets, food service, other;
  4. Feasible incentives for water use efficiency;
  5. Identify barriers and challenges to implementation related to the regulatory environment (i.e. building code, health authority approvals, etc.); suggest possible solutions.

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